Advisor trip count file corrupted, no flops/roofline available.

Advisor trip count file corrupted, no flops/roofline available.


I use Advisor Update 2 (build 501009) installed via a Parallel Studio XE license. I was able to analyse provided examples and my own codes.

Now I have a code, fixed format Fortran compiled with ifort 17.0.2 20170213 using mpif90 after sourcing the compilervars.csh intel64 , mpivars.csh and advixe-vars.csh.

When I run, the collection log states the tripcount file is corrupted. Advisor then shows no roofline / flops data available and that I should recompile with -g, which I already do. Vtune has no problem reading performance counters and trip counts.


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thanks, I submitted a ticket now. The last time I submitted a ticket first, I was told to go to the forums...


We've been changing our support process.  I see the ticket you submitted and I'm going to get that addressed shortly.

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