no jit code was profiled when counting on flops

no jit code was profiled when counting on flops

Hi, I'm using advisor to profile flops on knl on my application, My application use mkldnn as backend and it will generated jit code. After profiling, I found its flops is very small:~8GFlop, how ever , my application should use a lot of avx512 instructions. I found that flops of jit code(heaviest) is not count on. We should have,, dynamic code modules,. but advisor only shows, Any help? THanks verymuch


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Advisor doesn't currently support MKL JIT code for FLOPS collection. You can only trace dynamic code in Survey collection right now. We're planning on adding FLOPS support at some point in the future.

As your question has been answered, and you have not responded, I am going to close this thread.

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