Advisor 2018 - Project Always Out of Date

Advisor 2018 - Project Always Out of Date


I am new to Advisor 2018 (Update 1) under Visual Studio 2017 15.5.1. I am finding that no matter how many times I recompile my project, Advisor always reports Project Out of Date during data collection.

I've just been ignoring the warning and it seems to continue normally.

Also of note (perhaps related?), the collection process "claims" my project targets were not compiled with /Zi (debug info) or /O2 or /O3 - they are - and there are no errors in the collection log to suggest this is the case except this:

Cannot locate debugging information for file `C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\Advisor 2018\bin64\tpsstool.dll'.

Moreover, the analysis components do not seem to have any issues resolving symbols or line numbers in the code. I've confirmed pdb's are generated for the affected modules. It's unclear what the problem, if any, actually is.

Is this just tool spam that should (safely) be ignored?



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After some digging, I believe these anomalies are likely an artifact of some target modules being compiled with msbuild (via a custom build step) and icl.exe options not getting passed through from the IDE as intended.

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