Failure to install Flow Graph Analyzer on Linux

Failure to install Flow Graph Analyzer on Linux

I'm a little confused how to install the latest Flow Graph Analyzer on Linux. I read almost every manual/blog post/user's guide about it but couldn't find a way to install it. What I tried so far:

1) Installed a trial version of Parallel Studio XE on Linux - couldn't find Flow Graph Analyzer, even not within Intel Advisor. As Mark L. wrote in "Getting Started with Flow Graph Analyzer": "Flow Graph Analyzer as a feature of Intel® Advisor will be available for download from the Intel® Registration Center.  From the list of products, go to the entry for Intel® Advisor XE, select your OS (Windows* or Linux*), and then proceed with corresponding download option."

2) Here I found zipped install for Windows, not for Linux:

Any help is appreciated!

BTW, my goal is to analyze a flow graph that I developed (on linux).

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Hi Uriel,

    The second option (wrt your post) is obsolete. The web page will be archived in near future.

    The first option (in your post) should work. Please choose Advisor for Linux as download option at Registration Center -- And then you should be able to see 2 download buttons (I just checked this for 2018 Update 1) - the second one for FGA for Linux. Please report any issues with this download.

Thank you,





Thanks Mark. FGA seems to work.

What could have happened is this: Before installing Parallel Studio (and registering as an Intel user) I clicked on the link, but saw nothing useful, probably because I wasn't a user. After reading more manuals and trying out different ways to install FGA, I installed Parallel Studio, but didn't think to return to the link above.

If this behavior is reproducible with other users, then it would help you mention in your post here:, that you need to install Parallel Studio first to see the list of products.

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