python examples are broken

python examples are broken


Lots of issues with the Python API and the examples. Some of them, in random order:

- some modules are not Python 3 compatible
- local imports should be turned into global imports (e.g. in, from compat import deprecated)
- is completely broken (e.g., self_arithmetic_intensity does not exist anymore; I presume it should be self_ai)

I'm trying to patch Can I upload it somewhere once done?

In fact, I'd like to patch the Python API in quite a few places. Let me know if I can help.

Fabio Luporini, lead developer of the IPCC funded project Devito:
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Hi, Fabio

We support only Python 2 for now. We do have plans for Python 3 support but it is not there yet. is the only example that uses external libraries, and therefore most susceptible to various issues and it is the only example which is not tested with our testing infrastructure. But I agree that we need updating it.

We also have plans to do some Python API improvements in the near future, so your input would be highly appreciated.

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