Welcome to the Developer Challenge Forum

Welcome to the Developer Challenge Forum

Stay tuned for details about the contest.
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when will the details be released of the developer challenge?

Also, will anyone from Intel and Moblin be present at the OTA event?


Kind regards, Nicholas

Hi Guys,

I'm unable to update my 'bio' on my dashboard using FireFox 3.0.14.

Anyone else get this happening?

Kind regards, Nicholas.

Hi Guys,

the Moblin gaurage seems to be off line as well! :-( ...


When will this be up and running?

Hi Nicholas

just managed to change my Bio info using this path:

- My Dashboard
- My Account
- Click on "Edit Profile"

Now I can edit the bio textbox. Once done, just press "Save Profile".

Tested with:

Firefox 3.0.14 & 3.5.3, Chrome

Please let me know if it still won't work for you.

I will check the situation with the offline link at moblin.org.
Thanks for your feedback !

Kind Regards


Hi Nicholas,

The Moblin Garage is up and online now!
I just checked it minutes ago.

Link: http://garage.moblin.org/garage


DG Rooven

I just submit to get the SDK, but I haven't received any mails yet...

Hi Nicholas,

The details regarding the Intel Atom Developer Challenge are available at: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/contest/officialrules. I'll ask around and see if anyone from Intel and Moblin will be present at the OTA event. Thanks, Tonya

Hi Nick

that's true, there are no "confirmation" EMails send out when you enter your EMail address on the homepage.

Here some infos from the FAQ section:

When will the Store SDK be available?
The Store SDK will be available soon. Sign up to get early notification when it is released. Look for a link on the site pages.

Can I get notified when the Store SDK is available for download?
Yes. Look for Preview the SDK on the Home page after you log in. Enter your email, and you will receive an email notifying you when the SDK is available for download.


Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Support Team

This is the dream chance for the developer to showcase their capability for developing PC application using intel SDK..


I know this is very funny ATOM...

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