Atom Store Question

Atom Store Question

Will there be a method to view the total amount of hours an application is used as well as the total amount of times the application is downloaded?
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Thank you for your query.

The Appstore is still in development. Currently we do not have any information what exact details will be available on the application info page on the appstore. However, the number of times the application has been download will certainly be one of the info, but the total amount hours an application is used might not be a field information that would be made available. I however cannot confirm this yet at this stage.

An example may be found on the following link:

When the appstore will be available next year, then you should be able to see the published info for application in the store.


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DG Rooven

I second that idea. Having useage metrics may help in marketing and assertaining how long a customer uses an app before growing tired of it. This cold be used to spure a new vesion for example.

I think a number of launches will be more interesting.

I second that metric as well. Being able to market proficiently will bring more revenue for both the developer and Intel.

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