Why should Open Source mean Free (free as in beer) in IADP?

Why should Open Source mean Free (free as in beer) in IADP?

I am not sure if this is the right forum to raise this topic? I mean, the other 2 forums are for SDK and Support. So here goes... I have an open source app, which I wish to sell...The IADP submission process doesn't allow me to sell an open source app...why is this so? What's the reasoning behind it? My view is this... I believe I have added some value to the open source project, and as per the license, I am allowed to charge for my effort if I wish to do so, as long as I open source the modified source as well (which I have done) under the terms of GPLv2, on which the original open source project is based. This is my basic understanding of the GPLv2. I am keeping the software 'free'. It is possible that my view of the GPL is wrong. If so, please let me know what I am overlooking.
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Thank you for your query.

In general, for open source application, the developers have to also provide the source code to their open source application. Some developers may sell open source application which as you, they've added theier efforts and value to the application, however when they sell the application they have to provide the full application source code file as well. Hence, people buying the applications, if they are developers themselves, they will be able to go through the source code and modify it and make better applications.

From IADP point of view, since developers have to use the available SDK during development of applications/components, unless it is an open source application, selling open source application is not possible.

Also since using the SDK only C and C++ via MS Visual Studio 2008 is currently supported (which is a current limitation), other developers wishing to publish application using different language/enviroment will have to publish it as open source (skipping the sdk), however open source apps cannot be sold on the IADP website.


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Earlier. I did miss the point that the IADP SDK is not opensource. Now that you've mentioned it, the whole confusion is cleared.

I have used the IADP SDK in my open source app. I hope that doesn't spoil the chances of my app being validated. Will I have to resubmit my open source app without the SDK?.

On a differnet note,
Does IADP plan to opensource the SDK? Or are there any reaons why it wouldn't?

Thank you, once again, for the clarification.


There was a conversation at one point about the SDK being open source. I believe the consensus was that it would expose the security model and open the SDK up for easier vulnerability attacks. I would prefer for the sake of our applications security that the SDK remain closed source and as secure as possible.

That settles the matter. :)

Thank you for the explanations.

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