HOW TO: Creating your MSI installer using Visual Studio 2008

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i am New To Appup Developers And I want to make A web App Can you Guide Me...

A quick update; Many developers have let me know that Advanced Installer is working well for them and is passing the validation requirements:


I just downloaded the Windows MSI installer package and installed it on my desktop after that I tried to run the application on my desktop it is showing me an error message like " this application has failed to start because bcrypt.dll was not found . re-installing the application may fix this problem . " I also re-installed the application same problem I am facing . please help me out in solving this problem .

Rama Chandra,
Ravali Technologies

Hi Mr.BrianDevArch,

I would like to know , How "My Msi package for Magic Subtraction" can be protected, It carries two files one is a DAT file and an exe, which drives the DAT. I can install it in C drive and uninstall it silently, All installed files are removed including registry keys , when uninstalled. I am using Advaced installer for making MSI, Anybody can copy my dat file and exe after installation from c drive and it can be reused, I dont want that, Please help me, Anticipating a speedy reply in this regard.

With Warm Regards


hai Mr BrianDevArch

     I am need to create msi package for website,i am create msi from existing project 

Right Click Solution--> Add-->New Project it open window
in that i choose Other Project Types-->Visual Studio-->Web Setup Project.In above step it will create msi package,but i will install only in 64bit(i am created in windows 7 64 bit) if i give TragetPlatform as x86 ,but not install in both bit.
Pls tell me how create msi with support in both 32 and 64 bit


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