Validation Failure -> Error

Validation Failure -> Error

One of my Open Source Applications failed validation incorrectly. The requirements and comments from Intel employees state that the SDK is not required for open source applications yet I received this message form the tester: "Dear Valued Member, This is to inform you that Absolute Keyword Combiner1,0 has failed to meet Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Program's validation criteria. Failure Reason: GEN01 - Misc. Issues Additional Comments: application launched without client authorization. please confirm that you have utilized the beta SDK. thank you!" This is what i found for the rules that apply: My entry did not fail validation for the reason listed. According to the official rules, I do not have to use the SDK in an open source application. "Use of the Intel Atom Developer Program SDK is required, except for open source apps. " URL: Thank you for looking into this.
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I agree with you. Please reply back to the validator with the link you posted here.
If you get rejected again please submit a support ticket and paste the response including the name of the tester into the ticket. Thanks.

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