Editing an entry in " * Meta Only Submission Started"

Editing an entry in " * Meta Only Submission Started"

Good morning, If I were to edit the logo / screen shot images, or description of an entry that is currently in " * Meta Only Submission Started" status, will it lose it's place in the Developer Challenge? Will it have to go through validation again? Thank you.
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related question - if application in "Binary validation started" stage and i want to add more screenshots - validation process will be interrupted and reseted to "Submission started"?


I will get back to you on this one.
I will check with the validation team for more information on this


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team

DG Rooven

A follow up to this same subject.

If I modify it will it be removed from the app store until the new meta data is approved?

Thank you.

I think no, prev. validated version still in AppUp until new version (description) will be validated.
In my case i've submited a new version to validation but old (validated) is still displayed in AppUp

Thanks Dmitry, I have a bit of meta editing to do.

Update: Indeed, meta edits do not remove the current App from the AppUp store. Thanks Intel for that functionality.

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