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file uploads

Can the support files (not the code) be PowerPoint slides? WMV movies? Should they be ZIPped? Is there a size limit? If we instead give a URL is there a limit on how many webpages a reviewer would (or must) read? Are web pages that work in Internet Explorer sufficient, oir do we have to support other browsers that reviewers might use?
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I will this answer as I see it from a developer perspective.

As we all now, if you ask a dozen developers how an app should be written, you will get a dozen different answers. You may implement application documentation in any manner you wish. You could use a standard CHM help file, a plain text document or as you suggested power point. The end result being a way to support your end users. One that is easy to use and as compatible as possible is suggested.

When you as about whether they may be zipped or not, I am going to assume that you are including them in your MSI installer. They may be zipped, however I would recommend that you do not do so. In fact I would also suggest that you look into packaging a power point viewer in your MSI.

In terms of web pages used for support documentation and browser compatibility, I would suspect that you would want to ensure that the content was viewable in the version of IE shipped with the required operating systems. Beyond that, other browsers should not cause a validation failure (but it would be nice if they rendered correctly).

Please let me know if I can clarify further.

Hi mark-saito,

Thank you for your query.
Brian is correct on what he said.

In general it does not really matter what kind files or methods you want to provide the support resources, but it is always a good recommendation to include the support resources in the MSI Installer. Each developer has his/her own method of providing support. It can be word document, PDF documents, help files, web page, etc .. and as long as it has the relevant support information for your application, it will not be a problem.

It should also be noted that the support resources should not contain any advertisement material and if you provide the support resources on a website, it should generally not contain any advertisement/marketing information for consumers to get or purchase any other products that are not available on the AppUp(SM) Center.

If there are any problems with the files that you submitted, the validation team will get back to you with more information on why the files are not accepted.


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