Submitting Challenge entries

Submitting Challenge entries

On\en-us\contest\contest-entry We seem unable to get the File Upload section to do anything except add more Choose File boxes (same as below on this page). We wanted to simply add references to web pages:\GAZELLE.htm, for example Is there any way to modify the contest entry? We've noticed several of what appear to be timeouts during contest page entry - the whole page clears. We've worked around this by typing into a text editor (offline) and then pasting
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Hi mark-saito,

Thank you for reporting this to us.
I have verified the link and it appears to not be functioning as it should be.
I have reported this to the back end team for consideration.

In the meantime, a work-around would be to double-click on the Choose File which will open the file dialog box and when you have chosen your file and click on open, it will actually upload the file though without any information that the file has been uploaded. The actual upload will happen when you click on 'Save' or 'Preview'.

I have escalated this for investigation.


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