Intel AppUp Application Lab in Paris, France on January 28, 2011 <event ended>

Intel AppUp Application Lab in Paris, France on January 28, 2011 <event ended>

Come join us in Paris @ LaCantine on Friday, January 28th, 2011 for a free event to learn about the benefits of joining the Intel AppUp developer program. Hear why you should develop for the Intel AppUp center, learn about the monetization opportunities, see live coding demonstrations and talk to Intel experts in our staffed hands on training session. Bring your code and questions! Registration is now open at
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For french speakers, La Cantine just released a detailed overview of the event:

I think it is worthwile to note that the event will feature an overview of MeeGo!

For those who have not experienced it yet, la Cantine is a the best place to meet the french high tech ecosystem. We use to organize events there attracting hundreds of developers over several days and the level of energy is pretty high.

The Paris Application Lab happened last friday at La Cantine, a major hideout of the local high tech community. The event attracted a bit more than 60 people, coming from very diverse backgrounds, including the mobile, game, open source and automotive sectors.

Disclaimer: this view of the event is from one of the organizer's point of view. Organizing such events is not my daily job, but as an enthusiast in all things related to MeeGo, i could not help but jump on the occasion to help make this event possible. In this post, i am also trying to reflect the audience reaction in order to help the AppUp and MeeGo projects improve their reach.

La Cantine
La Cantine is the main co-working space in Paris and a major location for high tech events such as the local Mobile Mondays. The place belongs to a large high tech cluster focused on the Paris region. Located right in the center of Paris and surrounded by a large number of of startups and software company, it is a major hideout for local developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

The announcement of the event stressed the fact that AppUp is more open than other application stores: multi-language, multi-OS and multi-devices. It also stressed the ties with MeeGo. We were lucky enough to have the announcement relayed by major websites for developers, such as the mainstream Développez or the french-speaking equivalent to slashdot, A very diverse audience registered for the event, there was even some leading open source developers from projects such as Videolan (Vlc).

The event was eight hours straight, with really intense interaction as AppUp and MeeGo both raised a lot of questions. The sessions started with a much need overview of the Intel AppUp program by Björn Taubert: AppUp, as well as its relationship with MeeGo are still a very unclear area for a lot of people. In that regard, the cheerful AppUp videos were met by the audience with a lot of irony. The MeeGo/QT session by Sulamita Garcia was highly expected by the large contingent of free software developers in the audience. The comprehensive overview of the project was not enough for most: the audience clearly showed a strong appetite for more detailed sessions on MeeGo. This is good news: the future MeeGo-related event will certainly draw a rabid, highly motivated audience. Guy Grenier followed with an overview of the AppUp SDKs and processes, raising a lot of questions regarding licenses and operating systems: is it mandatory to use Windows? What about the additional licenses and DRMs that seems required by AppUp? What about other operating systems? A lot of attendees expressed the need for more flexibility regarding the licenses, prices and where the money is going.

In Paris, the AppUp met an audience that clearly noticed the high potential of the program. Feedback stressed the need for AppUp to be even more open and comprehensive: the perfect application store has to be multi-language, multi-device and multi-OS, but it also has to be very respectful of the original licenses and requirements of free and open source software project. An application store that would distribute this type of software, without DRMs, with the ability for users to give money to the projects behind could seriously extend its reach and change the way application stores are perceived by the various developers community that AppUp is trying to reach.

Pictures of the event are available on Flickr.

What a great overview of the event - thanks for posting, Luc!


I was there too

but is there a way to publish the slides of the event ?



The current deck of our Application Lab slides can always be found on our events page at

The direct link to the PDF is:


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