Apps for Dialogic or Call Center

Apps for Dialogic or Call Center

Hi Intel developers,

I am a dialogic related apps developer, and have been using the SDK which comes together with Intel Dialogic card for a long time.

But now we (the developers) are in need of more features inside the SDK to come up with new apps like what Avaya / Cisco develops. Even smaller organization develops new apps like here :

So my question is WHERE do we go to raise new features inside Intel Dialogic Card SDK?

Thank you.


Dialogic Developer

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Note that the Dialogic assets are not part of Intel anymore. As of 2006, the Eicon purchased the division that made those products and are now part of Dialogic Inc.

I am not sure what specific features you are looking for ... you can review the website and also review the release update guides for the software packages that support the card. The software packages are called System Release software and can be found at:

Also note the APIs have been extended what is called the PowerMedia HMP software line - HMP will provide additional features in VOIP, conferencing and video space.

In terms of raising new feature requests ; you would want to work through your sales channel who should be able to put in you contact with a Dialogic account representative. The account representative is the formal way to raise a feature request.

Also check out the developers forum dedicated to those products as well:

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