Confusion on Application submision?

Confusion on Application submision?

Can I submit same application software in both 'Intel Atom Developer Program Million Dollar Development Fund' and 'Intel Development Intel Atom Developer Challenge!'?
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Based on the Official Rules, you can submit your application on both contests.

However I will check this just to confirm. I will get back to you.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team
Intel® AppUp(SM) Beta Center

DG Rooven

OK !

Thank for reply and i will be waiting...

As you can see on this page

both links

To apply for Fast Track 2010, submit the name of your application here


To apply for Dollars for Downloads 2010, submit the name of your application here

is a links to the same page...

Thanks Rooven,

I am curious as to the eligibility of one submission into both programs as well.


As long as all terms and conditions for each contest are met, the same application can be submitted for Fast Track 2010 and Dollars for Downloads 2010 and Intel Atom Developer Challenge.

Hal G.

Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Center

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