Validation and contest

Validation and contest

Hi, I have submitted two apps for the contests (Fast Track and Dollars for Downloads). However, both apps are rejected since 19th April (for not very clear reason). I have tried to contact the validation team via email and PM, but still no reply. So, I would like to ask, if these apps will be still eligible for the contests, or no, I look forward to the reply, thanks
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Thank you for your query.

In general, since there were some issues last week with the validation description message sent to some developers having their application validation failed under the DES01 failure reason, and because it was reaching the deadline for the contests, it was decided that any applications that have been submitted to the contests on April 15th 2010 will be counted for the contest even if these applications were still in Validation-In Progress Status.

In your case, since your application has been rejected after the deadline, I will have to check this with the validation team/ marketing team for more clarification whether it will still be counted for the contest or not. Most probably, it will not be counted.

But I cannot confirm this yet, I will have to check. I will get back to you on this one, once I get more information.


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