Adding Toppings on an Open Source changing logo and submitting for the appup contest ?

Adding Toppings on an Open Source changing logo and submitting for the appup contest ?

Hi Dear Developers, Whats your view on this. Recently i saw one of the app , which has been submitted for the Contest. Its build on top of the open source ? They download an working open source code, made few changes, logos ;) names ;) adding the toppings and submitted for the competition. Is it fair to do it ? Whats your views. If that's acceptable. Then we can submit more apps ;) by downloading an open source code, making changes and releasing it for appup. I can understand reinventing wheel is not good. But we should always learn, take examples build on the API given by the provider rather than downloading the written code and making few changes and submitting. If that's the case then open source MeegoOS will be downloaded and submitted for the appup in a different name and brand, without credits for the created developers. Whats your views ... Pls share
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This would not be allowed. Please email what information you have about this submission to, and we will investigate.


Aubrey W.
Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

Hi Aubrey ,

Thanks for writing. I have posted comments in that contest entry post which a developer has posted for the competition.
Initially he argued. Later when i pasted the link of source code, he just deleted the post and he went off.
I have already escalated and intimated to Intel representatives and got the response.
Before even we investigate, the developer deleted the contest entry :-) after i pasted the source from where its taken, in the comment sections.
It was a yahoo client built on top of open source for Meego.

Thanks for your quick response. We wanted to contribute to make a better community for the developers and always wish the best app wins the contest.

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