help needed :about instructions

help needed :about instructions

In my program (written in assembly language)

I encounted a problem:
I load four integer (32bit) into xmm register
and I want to use the four integers seperately.

In my program I have to shift 32 bit each time ,it is very time consuming.

like this
movd %xmm5, %eax
60 psrldq $4, %xmm5
61 movsd (%rdi,%rax,8),%xmm2 #xvalue ---one a time
63 movd %xmm5,%eax
64 psrldq $4, %xmm5
65 movhpd (%rdi,%rax,8),%xmm2
67 mulpd %xmm2,%xmm0
70 movd %xmm5,%eax
71 psrldq $4,%xmm5
72 movsd (%rdi,%rax,8),%xmm6
74 movd %xmm5,%eax
75 movhpd (%rdi,%rax,8),%xmm6

Is there any instruction that I don't need to shift , and get the appropriate part of bits I need?
I haven't find such instruction so far ?
Does anyone know this instruction?

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not sure what are you trying to implement.
in AVX you will have VPEXTRD that allow to extract dwords element from XMM.


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