Why I can't see threads created by ArBB in the trace of IPS XE

Why I can't see threads created by ArBB in the trace of IPS XE


I implemented a simple program (for benchmarking purposes) and decided to check existence of this threads using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 in Concurrency mode. I found out that the trace contains only one thread. Then I looked to Task Manager and saw that really I have the same number of threads as number of cores in my computer. What is the problem?
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Please set your optmization level to O3 with the ArBB environment variable to enable both vectorization and threading. You are most likely running in emulation mode.



I just saw you are using a Parallel Studio tool to analyze the threading. ArBB was not integrated into Parallel Studio and was not tested for the analysis tools. So that could also be a reason why it is not showing up if you are sure you set the environment variable. Please also take a look at my Knowledge Base articles about performance tips.

Thanks for the answer!


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