problem with bitwise_cast

problem with bitwise_cast


I try use bitwise_cast, but I get error: no instance of overloaded function "bitwise_cast" matches the argument list.

dense N(2);
dense N_11(2);
N_11 = arbb::bitwise_cast(N);

What's wrong?

Thank you.

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This will work:

N_11 = arbb::bitwise_cast(N);

Don't work. Error:

Unhandled exception at 0x759ab9bc in test.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: arbb_2::internal_error at memory location 0x0034f2bc.. (line N_11 = arbb::bitwise_cast(N);)

Full code of my test:

using namespace arbb;

void main(void)
dense N(2);
N[0] = 10.0;
N[1] = 0.0125;
dense N_11(2);
N_11 = arbb::bitwise_cast(N);
const_range N_11Range = N_11.read_only_range();
printf("\nN_11Range %ld %ld", N_11Range[0], N_11Range[1]);

Sorry. It looks like a bug. bitwise_cast for scalars works fine, but applying bitwise_cast to containers yields internal error. I will create a bug report. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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