In beta 4, arbbd.lib => arbb_dev.lib . . . why?

In beta 4, arbbd.lib => arbb_dev.lib . . . why?

I try to stay away from filename debates, but what prompted thedebug version of the libraryto now have "_dev" as asuffix? Curious.

Best regards,
- paul

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In Intel ArBB Beta 4 the libraries got separated into deployment and development versions. The deployment versions will make it easier to distribute an application where the users of this application do not miss certain development features. There are also cases where authors don't want these features distributed with their products. For example, to switch between JIT-generated code and emulation mode probably isn't something you will expose to the users of your application. The postfix "_dev" doesn't mean the the debug build of the Intel ArBB libraries. Debug builds are available with the "_debug" part in the library name. To summarize, you will now have development versions (_dev), and deployment versions both available in release and debug ("_debug") versions, i.e. four libraries per architecture (IA32 and intel64).

Thank you.

Glad I asked this "innocent" question in that way, and some of that was mentioned in today's webinar. The thing is, the Windows ArBB installation creates only two files: arbb.lib & arbb_dev.lib (and DLLs, respectively). For beta 3,it wasarbb.lib and arbbd.lib . . . have notseen ~_debug files, like the Windows TBB installationcreates.

Am I missing something?

- paul

Hello Paul,

sorry this was my mistake. We do not ship
libraries with debug symbols because this wasnt very supportive in the past without being
able to debug into the libraries itself. We currently build up the development
libraries to provide additional information such as profiling data and stack trace

To summarize, per architecture (ia32 and intel64) there are two libraries available:

  • Development library ("_dev" postfix as part of the library's base name)
  • Deployment library ("production")

The deployment version will make it easier to
distribute an application where the users do not
miss to develop this application. This also allows for cases where authors
don't want development features to be distributed with their products.


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