What will be the upcoming ArBB's license look like?

What will be the upcoming ArBB's license look like?


I understood that ArBB is current in beta test and therefore the license is restricted. However I would be interested in what will be the license model of the final product. Can we expected something similar to TBB where we have an open source and a commercial license? Is the final product already scheduled (Q3/2011?).

Thank you!

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your questions. These questions have been asked by many other users as well. You can find answers, along with many other FAQs, from here and here.

For the question about license, pricing is not yet announced for the standalone product. But it can be expected to be in
the same range of our other library products such as IPP, MKL and TBB. Also, similar to the other libraries, Intel ArBB will
be included as part of our bundled product offerings.

We are exploring open source options but have no specific plans at this time. We welcome customer input and are committed to
providing an open solution in some form.

The final product is scheduled to be released sometime in later H1/2011.


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