typo in spec-samples

typo in spec-samples

Hi,I'm trying various sample codes in ArBB beta and found a typo in spec-samples.--- a/misc/spec-samples/permuteSample.cpp+++ b/misc/spec-samples/permuteSample.cpp@@ -527,7 +527,7 @@ void shuffle_001()void arbb_shuffle_002(dense src1Vec, dense src2Vec, dense& dstVec){- const usize grain(1);+ const usize grain(2); dstVec = shuffle(src1Vec, src2Vec, grain);}currently, arbb_shuffle_002 yields the same result as arbb_shuffle_001, which doesn't make sense.Thanks,Ken

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Hi Ken,

You are right! It is indeed a typo on line 530 of permuteSample.cpp. To correct the problem, you need to replace:

const usize grain(1);


const usize grain(2);

Thank you very much for catching this problem. We will update the sample code in a future releae to fix it.


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