ArBB in combination with TBB

ArBB in combination with TBB

Dear,I am applying a simple stencil using ArBB like in the heat diffusion example, but I do that inside a thread that is created with the Threading Building Blocks.This gives me the following run-time errorstd exception: Internal error: CTE_COMPILER_ERROR COMP_ERROR: Dynamic Compiler Internal ErrorI am assuming the problem is related with the TBB because without TBB threads or when i setexport ARBB_OPT_LEVEL=O2instead of O3 (O2 does not do threading in ArBB) it works (although quite slow).Is it possible to use ArBB inside TBB threads?Do you have any hints?I am just starting to experiment with both ArBB and TBB.Thanks alotPieter Ghysels
Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis
Dept. Mathematics and Computer Science
University Antwerp.

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It is possible to use Intel ArBB with Intel TBB in the same program. However, with the current beta, all accesses to Intel ArBB memory must be done from the main thread. A better support for thread safety, which allows you to use Intel ArBB inside an Intel TBB thread, will be available in the 1.0 product release (H1 2011).


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