user defined reductions

user defined reductions

I would like to implement something similar to the classic image histogram algorithm.
Are there any samples showing how to do a histogram with ArBB?

It looks like histogram could be accomplished via arbb::add_merge(). Does that sound right or is there some better way to do this?

Other programming models have special constructsto enableuser defined reductions, for example TBB has "parallel_reduce" where you are able to define your ownmerge function. Does ArBB have something like this?

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User Defined Reductions are indeed in the pipeline for our development of Array Building Blocks, as well as a possiblehistogram function that is already optmized. But for now, add_merge appears to be the best way to go about it. Please let me know privately how your add_merge implementation goes. add_merge has been optmized for both vectorization and threading, but it would be good to bring the data back to our engineering team on its performance in conjuction with histogram. Thanks for your message, and can't wait to see your results. Please review my Knowledge Base articles on things to consider after your first implementation with ArBB i.e. timing the second run and beyond.

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