ArBB and dedicated image processing hardware

ArBB and dedicated image processing hardware

Does Intel have plans to develop dedicated image processing hardware, which could take processing speeds to a level beyond what CPUs and GPUs can achieve? It seems to me that ArBB would be ideally suited for dedicated image processing hardware.

My needs in particular are for extremely high speed 3D morphological processing, with a limit on power usage and heat generation that won't allow us to just add many more CPU cores. The standard way to do this would be to develop an FPGA, but a commercial solution would be highly desireable, and ArBB sounds like an excellent development path.

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Hi,I'm not aware of Intel announcing any such specific plans that, but we have recently announced the Intel Many Integrated Core architecture, which might be a very suitable target for these kinds of computations.You are right in that Intel Array Building Blocks is likely a good fit for this kind of computation. Note that we are fully committed to supportingIntel ArBB on other architectures in addition to the current IA support, including "GPGPU" compute devices.Intel ArBB is designed to handle remote accelerators, distributed memory models, and restricted instruction set architectures, but in the first release we are focusing on making the core product easy to use, robust, and performant.Since the first Beta is available, I highly encourage you to try it out and port your application, or parts of it, toIntel ArBB. You can be certain that your application will continue to run as we add hardware support in the future. Let us know how it goes!Stefanus

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