ArBB virtual machine

ArBB virtual machine

What is the ArBB virtual machine? What benefits does this virtual machine provide?

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Array Building Blocks offers a standards compliant C++ library backed by a runtime known as our virtual machine. This virtual machine generates and manages threads and vector code, via machine independent optimization, offload management, machine specific code generation and optimizations. It has a scalable threading runtime (based on Intel Threading Building Blocks.

ArBBBeta1 incorporates a C API called the "data-parallel virtual machine."Our Beta1 C++ API is built entirely on top of this C API. For developers using the C++ API, this provides binary compatibility across releases and faster compilation times. Additionally, the VM enablesa very easy path to new language frontends and easy porting of domain-specific languages to ArBB Technology. Let us know if you are interested in collaborating with us to create new language frontends for ArBB.

We've released the first public draft of the Intel ArBB Virtual Machine Specification. For more information, read our knowledge base article.Let us know your feedback.

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