What are the benefits for Intel ArBB?

What are the benefits for Intel ArBB?

Can you please share more what the benefits of using Intel ArBB are?

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Hello Ying, there are actually quite a few benefits of using ArBB, and I'd be happy to go into any of the following into great detail.

Intel ArBBs data-parallel capabilities provide an array of benefits to developers:

- Forward-scaling: Intel ArBB lets applications span multi-core and many-core processors without requiring developers to rewrite programs over and over. The benefits of only writing and debugging code once are substantial.

- Safety: Intel ArBB helps prevent parallel programming bugs such as data races and deadlocks. Intel ArBB guards against these problems enabling developers to code their algorithms at a high level and abstracting details pertaining to low-level optimization. Intel ArBB optimizes the application across all available cores, while preventing the developer from introducing parallelism errors (such as data races and deadlocks).

- Ease-of-use: Intel ArBB extends C++ and is compatible with standard C++ compilers.

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