Parallel programming models in Intel PBB

Parallel programming models in Intel PBB


I am new to Intel ArBB, sometimes back i used TBB and got good performance benefit. Now my question is how does Intel ArBB compare to the other programming models in Intel PBB, such as TBB and Cilk Plus?

Could you answer this question?


Naveen Gv

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All of the PBB models are striving toward the same goal, higher levels of parallelism while still reaping great performance. It all depends on your desired level of control. Since you used TBB, you are aware that it manages tasks rather than threads and that TBBis a high-level template library. ArBB is a higher level of abstraction than TBB. It uses TBB to do the treading and it also generates vectorized code tailored for the SIMD instructions the architecture supports. Cilk Plus has 3 parallel constructs included with Intel Parallel Composer 2011 that allow youaugment your code quickly for parallelism. You can use the Cilk Component for threading and the Array Notations component to do the vectorization.

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