Examples Needed Showing How to Use the AvGrid Control in IVF

Examples Needed Showing How to Use the AvGrid Control in IVF

Due to IVFs disappointing inability to properly use the
Compaq Array Visualizer and its ActiveX control, I've downloaded and installed
the Intel Array Visualizer 3.3. I've built all of the included FORTRAN
examples, but I haven't found any that use the AvGrid Control in a Dialog. If I
missed these examples, please direct me to them.

Otherwise, I'd greatly appreciate any help in using this
ActiveX control. What I've done so far
is to create a Dialog with the usual buttons, combo boxes, etc. I've also added an AvGrid Control box to the
Dialog. What I want this AvGrid box to
do is hold a program's array so that it can be displayed, edited, updated,
copied, and pasted, all in a GUI (just like what could be done in CAVs
AvisGrid). The AvGrid box should also
display the headings for the rows and columns (strings and/or numbers) as well
as the array dimension labels.

I've reviewed the Intel Array Visualizer documentation, but
it's geared toward the Array Viewer, not the ActiveX Control. In addition, it appears from the
documentation that us FORTRAN users are at a disadvantage when trying to access
the AvGrid properties, methods, and events. Instead of built-in commands, the
more cumbersome AUTOSetProperty, AUTOInvoke, and other such commands need to be

Surely, the common GUI-based array functionality I've
described for using the AvGrid Control in IVF has already been included in an
example. Therefore, please advise.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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