Array Viewer Source Code

Array Viewer Source Code

I use the Array Visualizer to drive graphics from by FORTRAN program. The FORTRAN program builds the HDF5 database, but the actual presentation is made by the Array Viewer, interacting with the application by way of an intermediary process (AvMemFLSvr.exe). I am very pleased with Array Viewer/Array Visualizer capabilities.

Lately, on some complex 3D graphs, I notice that some of the line vertex vectors, though specified for avWatch, are not actively watched. Resultig in the 3D graphs having line drop-outs/voids. I suspect the problem is either inAvMemFLSvr.exe or ArrayViewer (Java app for viewing HDF5 files).

I understand that AV is not a supported product, and Intel was gratious enough to provide the source code for AV runtime library, the problem is the source code for AvMemFLSvr.exe nor the ArrayViewer Java app are not supplied. Meaning - I am unable to fix this problem.

In searching the internet, there is a site called that have a repository for HDF5 code and libraries. In looking at the HDF5 code and utilities, there is no equivilent to AvMemFLSvr.exe nor ArrayViewer. The have an HDF5 Viewer program, but it falls way short of the capabilities/functionalities of what was available with ArrayViewer.

Is there a repository for, or a way to obtain the source code for, ArrayViewer and AvMemFLSvr so I can debug and fix the problem?

Jim Dempsey

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Sorry, there isn't.

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