AV in WIN 7

AV in WIN 7

I am raising this issue here and already raised it on the Fortran forum. I have a desktop and laptop computer. Both are running Win 7 pro 64-bit and both are running IVF 11.1 with VS 2008. I followed identical install procedure on both for the Array Visualizer and in both cases it appears in the VS menus as expected. For both machines projects loaded from the AV>sample>fortan directory compile and appear to execute correctly.

However, on my office machine, right clicking on an array and choosing "View Array" while debugging works correctly but on my laptop, VS crashes. I have removed and reinstalled all programs (IVF, VS and AV) several times with the same result. That the sample projects work argues that this is not an installation issue.
I do not believe it is true that AV does not work on 64-bit windows (It works on mine) and I wonder if having one system working and one not it would be possible to find out what is going on here and how to get it to run on both.

Both machines are also running Virtual XP with CVF.

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That's strange - I would expect some problem in the graphics driver of your laptop, but you're able to run the AV samples OK.Are you building 32-bit applications in IVF or 64-bit? Since the IDE runs in 32-bit mode, I could see some potential for problems with the debug integration for a 64-bit target.John

Running 32-bit applications.

Are you running the same VS 2008 on both? I will see if I can reproduce the same crash since I have several similar (Win 7-64bit, VS2008, IVF 11.1)configurations on desktops and laptop. I did notice some differences in running the IF (reduced version) of VS 2008 and the VS2008 complete versions. But I'm guessing right now since I wasn't looking for this.

VS was installed from the same file on both machines using the Express version bundled with IVF. On the laptop, on one of my tries, I installed the full edition of VS and then IVF. It did not make any difference. Thanks for looking at this.

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