array visualizer with W7 64 bit OS

array visualizer with W7 64 bit OS

1) I have been trying to install and use the old Intel Array Visualizer 3.3(from with my Intel Fortran 11.1.065 compiler recently installed on my new W7 64 bit Dell 5500 desktop with the Microsoft Visual studio 2008 installed. I had previously succeeded in using this vizualiser on a separated 32-bit machine under Vista using the Intel 11.0 Fortran Compiler. I do not honestly know if my compiler is set to produce 64 or 32 bit apps, since I'm just learning how to go beyond my old fully 32 bit experience. 2) On my W7 machine I unzipped the array visualizer file and it installed itself in Program Files (x86). 3) Attempting to run the compiler in debug mode, I saw the view option grayed out, clicking it did nothing. 4) next I reinstalled the compiler in the repair mode, and thereafter I could see the view option darkened. 5) However, clicking on an array, and then clicking on view button causes the compiler to say that "microsoft has encountered a difficulty". The compiler shuts down, and I am sent to a microsoft site with commentary about (many) unrelated (I think) visual studio upgrades. 6) I did not have such a problem with Vista, but it was running with the Visual Studio 2005 Partner Edition, and is fully in 32 bits. 7) I do not know if my W7 problem is related to its 64-bit OS or something else. 8) I also have a new w7 portable. On it I have the 11.1.065 compiler, but on it only the accompanying Partner Edition. I have not tried an install of the AV on it. 8) Please tell me how to get the Array Visualizer (or a more modern equivalent) working on these machines. It's presence greatly facilitates my efforts at physics code development. Many Thanks, Rod Mason

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There have been several threads both in this forum and the Visual Fortran forum about array visualizer not running from the debugger in 64bit systems ... e.g. bet is to take a look at invoking the visualizer programatically from your app. There are several sample programs included with the array visualizer that show how this works. John

Will 32-bit Windows 7, Visual Studio 2008, 32-bit Intel Visual Fortran and 32-bit Array Visualizer work together?

Works as in Array Visualizer can be used interactively during debugging.

This should probably be in the FAQ.

Yes, it's possible, but needs a bit of tweaking. See this thread:


That thread is not too comforting.

Let me rephrase the question.

What combination of Windows, Visual Studio, Intel Visual Fortran and Array Visualizer (all 32-bit) will guarantee that Array Visualizer works in the Debug mode in both Fortran and C?

Windows : XP / Vista / 7
Visual Studio : 2005 / 2008
Intel Visual Fortran : 10.xx / 11.xx;
Array Visualizer : 3.3 or earlier?

I will install that combination in a VM or another PC and debug there.



Installed Win 7, VS 2008, IVF 11.067, AV 3.3---all 32-bit. Can run all the samples that come with AV.
But the Array Visualizer and View Array buttons in Debug toolbar are still greyed out. Right clicking on an array and choosing watch array crashed VS 2008. After that this option was not available in the right-click menu.

Any concrete suggestions?


I don't think there was ever a problem with running the Viewer or building the samples for 32/64bit with XP/Vista/Windows 7. It's the IVF debug integration that never worked for 64bit OS's. As you suggest, a FAQ, telling exactly what will work in the 32 bit environment, and step by step instructions would be a big help. Personally, I don't have a copy of VS or IVF, so I can't do much on my end. I see you have a similar thread in the Visual Fortran forum; hopefully Steve or some other IVF user can offer some advice.John

AV works in FORTRAN but not C (Visual and Intel) for the following combination.

Win XP, VS 2005 & VS 2008, IVF 11.1.067, AV 3.3: all 32-bit

"Array View" and "Array Visualizer" are available in the Debug toolbar. "Array View" is also available in the right-click menu.

Spent 5 minutes trying AV out and I am impressed. Will provide details later.

Now, how do I get AV working from within a C program? Tried compiling with Visual C and Intel C. No use. Array View" and "Array Visualizer" are greyed out in the Debug toolbar. "Array View" is greyed out in the right-click menu too.

Update: AV cannot be used to view arrays while debugging C or C++ code. Oh well, what a waste of my time.


Intel's Array Visualizer can be used to view arrays while debugging Fortran program (not C code). The working setup that I tested is given above. Should work with earlier versions of IVF too. Did not test with 32-bit Vista and 32-bit Win 7.

From what I can figure, do not waste time trying to make it work in 64-bit Windows 7.

As pointed out by John Readey in an earlier post in this thread: "I don't think there was ever a problem with running the Viewer or
building the samples for 32/64bit with XP/Vista/Windows 7. It's the IVF
debug integration that never worked for 64bit OS's.

Hope this helps.

Just to add another data point I am running Win 7 Pro - 64 bit with the Visual Studio 2008 Shell and IVF 11.1.
Array viewer works so far in debug mode for 32-bit applications.
I am also running CVF under Virtual PC - XP Mode. The Compaq viewer works here with some glitches due to cursor issues that appear to be common in virtual PC.


It will be more useful if you are explicit with the details. Here is what I could get from your post.

64-bit Windows 7
32-bit IVF 11.1

Two questions.

1. Did you install Array Visualizer or Array Viewer. Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?
2. When you say "works so far in debug mode," could you right-click on array and display array and plot or did you call Array Visualizer functions?

1. I installed from the file: C:\updates\fortran\Intel Fortran\array visualizer\
2. Following other posts on this topic, I installed prior to installing any fortran compiler.
3. I added the appropriate viewer directories under the compiler tabs (Tools>Options>Intel>Compilers)
4. I ran Steve Lionel's fix program for the viewer.

This is pretty much straight from the post:

The right click works in the debug mode - calling functions untested and not a real interest so far.

Another calibration point: I downloaded demo versions of IVF12 and VS 10 and the array viewer worked in debug mode and added directories to VS as above. VS 2008 fix is still installed and there is no fix as yet for VS10. To test the subroutine calls for AV I opened the Simple.f90 project distributed with AV and it compiled and ran with no problem.

Hope this helps.

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