Array Visualizer greyed out in Debug toolbar

Array Visualizer greyed out in Debug toolbar


Have the above problem while debugging C and Fortran code.

32-bit Array Visualizer installed Program Files (x86)
Visual Studio 2008--32-bit compiler installed
IVF 11.1 32-bit installed as well. Uninstalled and reinstalled after installing Array visualizer.
64-bit Windows 7

Sample programs (C and Fortran) that come with Array Visualizer run flawlessly.

But, the Array Visualizer is greyed in the Debug toolbar, even in the sample projects that come with Array visualizer.
What should I do?

PS: the file "" posted by Lionel in
is missing.

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Have the above problem while debugging C and Fortran code.

3 weeks after posting the above, realised that AV cannot be used to view arrays while debugging C or C++ code.

Wish someone had pointed this out earlier.

Unfortunately the MS Visual Studio C/C++ debugger didn't provide the "hooks" needed to enable array visualizer to be used.AV does come with C libraries though. And it works with XP/Vista/Windows7 32 & 64 bit. Have you thought of just using the AV calls to give you the equivalent of what you would get from the debugger? You can even do this: Use the AV library calls to denote which arrays you want to be viewable (using avAlloc, avStartWatch). Now your program should run just as before. But you have the option of running the Viewer and viewing the arrays as the program is running.John

Think the situation is the same with Intel's C++ compiler as well.

Now looking at following your suggestion about avAlloc and avStartWatch--starting a new thread.

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