Intel Array Visualizer not working in VS2008 (64 bit)

Intel Array Visualizer not working in VS2008 (64 bit)

I have the 64 bit Intel visual fortran compiler installed on my Windows 7 (64 bit). I have been trying to integrate Intel array Visualizer with my VS 2008 environment, so that I can plot arrays while debugging the code. But regardless of whatever I have so far done, when I right-click on an array name , the option "view array" remains greyed out and inactive.I've seen some other people having the same problem on 64 bit platforms. I was wondering if somebody has found any solution for this issue.Summary of what I've done so far,1. Installed AVF from: av_dev_em64t)2. Applied Steve's repair program: no success!Please If somebody has a solution, note it down here, so people like me can enjoy IVF feature in IVF debugger!Thanks

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Doesthe link still work ?

I can't find where to download array visualizer :(

Looks like the page has been removed. You might try asking about this in the Visual Fortran forum.John

The download link is working now.

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