Subroutine Variables and Visual Studio Integration

Subroutine Variables and Visual Studio Integration

I am just now getting aquainted with the AV. I am trying to use the fortran subroutines in the AvFRT library. I am having a hard time finding the variables that are passed to each subroutine when integrating array visualizer into programs. Does anyone know of a list of the subroutines WITH Variables/options. I found one list in the help file with just the subroutine names in the library


avSave- how do i specify a file to save to or a logical argument to know if file was saved properly?
ie call avSave(file="blah.h5", status,.....)

In addition, how do I change the display options for the plots in AV integrated into VS2008? The popup box that opens to "view array" has no menu andright click optionsdo not work.

Thanks for your help!

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There are several places to look for more detail. You will need to locate the files you downloaded during installation of AViz, usually in Program Files > Intel > Array Visualizer > src > AvFRT
This is where source code is for the AvFRT library. They are C++ files, hence the .cpp extension, but you can view them with Wordpad, or Notepad. Take a look at the listings and you will find in gory detail the types of parameters passed to each routine. Most include pointers, integers, unsigned integers, etc. Scroll down to the Public Functions section and have a look.

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