My silly questions

My silly questions


I am excited to see intel array viewer. Could I ask some silly questions?

1. What is the relationship between array viewer and Array Visualizer? I get this question when I download them from There are two files to download, and However, when I install them, I can not see the difference. Can I say the viewer and the visualzer are integrated together?

2. Can I integrat the array viewer into the visual studio? Actually, if it can, I will be so so excited, because in matlab, I can see the array even after the code is run.

Thanks very much for any answer....

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1. The download includes components needed for development (hearders, libraries, etc.), the is just the runtime. With the runtime you get the viewer and can open and modify files, but you can't write programs that use AV to display data.

2. I don't have visual studio myself, but you can check other posts for how to set things up so you can view arrays while debugging. It seems it's possible (with some effort) for 32bit, but it's not currently working for 64bit vs.


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