Use of Advance = YES and EOR give no warning/error

Use of Advance = YES and EOR give no warning/error

I think the snippet below should give at least a warning when compiled with standard warning is enabled since EOR cannot be specified for Advance == YES.

I am using 11.1.038 on WinXP64 with VS2005.

The command line for compilation is:

/nologo /debug:full /Od /gen-interfaces /stand:f03 /warn:all /module:"Debug\" /object:"Debug\" /traceback /check:bounds /libs:static /threads /dbglibs /c



Program Test_NoAdvance

! Purpose: Test Advance = NO

Implicit None

Integer, Parameter :: N = 5
Real :: A(N), B
Integer :: i

Open(90, File='Input.dat', Form='Formatted', Status='Old')


Read(90,"(5(F4.1,1X))",ADVANCE='YES',ERR=990,END=991,EOR=992) (A(i), i=1,N)
Read(90,*,ERR=995,END=996) B


990 Stop "ERR."
991 Stop "END."
992 Stop "EOR."

995 Stop "ERR2."
996 Stop "END2."

End Program Test_NoAdvance

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Sorry, I should have posted this on the main forum.


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