ActiveX Control AvGrid

ActiveX Control AvGrid

I am working with the Intel Fortran 9.1 compiler in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Now I want to use the ActiveX Control AvGrid to display and edit some data located in a multidimensional array. Is it really unavoidable to write them to a (HDF5) file first (and read them back to the Dialog afterwards) ? Or exists a possibility to bind the AvGrid directly to the array ?

By the way: If I try to enter the file name "sinexy.h5" to the FileName-property, the resource editor returns the error message "Couldn't find loader for this file!" How can I install the file loader for the HD5-file ?

Thanks a lot for an answer.

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I am not an expert on AV, but I can tell you that you can use one of the many routines in the Array Visualizer API to pass data to the control. It is not necessary to write to a file. Visual Studio will not know what to make of a .h5 file, which is just data.

Please read the Array Visualizer documentation and look through the many samples.

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