Problem with Array Visualizer

Problem with Array Visualizer

Although I have searched through quite a few threads on this forum, I haven't found an answer. pardon me for asking this question, but "I have problem using the visualizer in the debug mode in VS 2005 with Intel Fortran." The view array remain greyed out.What is (can be) wrong?

(1) I did uninstall and install of the AV using the link available from the opening threads of this forum.
(2) I have added the library and include paths for the correct build environment (x64).
(3) I am using 64 bit XP professional with VS 2005 professional.
(4) The AV is installed in C:/Program Files/Intel and not in C:/Program File (x86)/Intel

As an additional question, even after adding the library and include paths, athough I don't get an error with use of "Use AvFRT", I cannot call the libary subroutines (unresolved symbols). My guess is that I need to update the path to include the dll in bin directory. Is that right?


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