Axes for 3D Graph In Fortran

Axes for 3D Graph In Fortran

I am trying to include axes on a 3D graph using Array Visualizer. I have included a simple win project to explain my dilema.

Any suggestions how to fix the following issues would be appreciated:

Theminor and major tickmarks do not appear on the graph - although I have attempted to make them visible.

The axis line thickness does not change regardless of the valueused in avSetLineWidth. The integer return value from avGetLineWidthUnits is -1, even if set to 1 using avSetLineWidthUnits. What should it be? Am I applying the property modification to the correct object?

Setting theaxis line end-caps to values lower than 1.0_4 makes them dissapear from the graph. At 1.0_4 they are oversized. Not all the end caps What am I missing?

Does anyone have a working Fortran 3D graph with axes andlables that they can post?

Thanking you in advance.

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The line drawing can be made using different types of units. One of the units is Points (typographical unit) and the other type of unit is Pixel (graphical screen unit). I have experienced similar problems when using Points. Try setting the property to use Pixels, then pass in integer values 1, 2, 3, ... for number of pixels in width.

Also, as an aid, when the graph is displayed (badly) navigate the browse tree to find the plot in error (expand it like a file folder tree) when you select an item of interest it becomes highlighted on the screen (the others become lowlighted). Then right-click on the item in the browse tree and selecte Properties. In there you can see what your program sent to AV and may discover the problem. Plus you can change values ineractively.

Jim Dempsey

I don't know whether you solved the problem but I had a look at it as I wanted to do something similar. If you scale everything by a factor, say 100, then your end-caps can be proportionally smaller. I've added some code to the end of your createGraph routine to do it (I had to alter the RefLine values to put the axes in the same place in the view as yours - I'm not sure why but it's probably obvious if all the transformations are worked through)


Downloadapplication/zip Display_Plot_new_.zip13.96 KB

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