Sample code?

Sample code?

Where does one find some sample C++ code for the array visualizer? Ihave searched all over the site and can't find it.

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Sample code is included when you install Array Visualizer.

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I am a beginner for C++. Is it possilbe to get a simple C++, not MFC/ATL, code for do some simple thing without Array Visualizer interface? I mean to display 2D or 3D in a simple Form realized on simple code without too much burden of microsoft stuff.



Check out WATCH.C

Jim Dempsey

After I loaded watch.c project into MVS2010, MVS2010 successfully converted the project file, and successfully built the project. However, running is problemetic:

Assertion failed: ((HRESULT)(hr) >= 0), file RootObj.cpp, line 40


and abort() is called. Any idea how to make this fist example work for me?

How to use Microsoft visual studio to check this sample code?

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