Introduction - Bonnie Aona, New Array Visualizer Forum Host

Introduction - Bonnie Aona, New Array Visualizer Forum Host

Hi, my name is Bonnie Aona. I am a Technical Consulting Engineer on the Intel Compiler Support team and have been handling AV-related questions.I wanted to introduce myself as the new Array Visualizer Forum Host. As Steve Lionel mentioned, John Readey was Mr. Array Visualizer and will be missed by all who worked with him.

Intel will not be including the Intel Array Visualizer component in the next release of Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers for Windows*. After the next release of Intel Compilers, the most recent version of the Intel Array Visualizer will be made available as a free, unsupported download from and will no longer require an Intel Compiler license to use. Intel will no longer maintain or develop the Intel Array Visualizer. The Intel Array Visualizer User Forum will continue to be available at where users can share experiences and usage tips. Please continue to visit the Forum for more information.

As Steve recapped, AV is not "going away" - the latest version we have will be made available as a free, unsupported download, so your applications will still work. We won't be further developing or maintaining it, however.

This Forum will continue to be the spot to post interesting graphs and data files, and to exchange questions, problems,advice and code related to Array Visualizer and Array Viewer.

For new Forum participants, please use this thread to introduce yourself to the community and briefly describe how you use Array Visualizer for your work.

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Is there any possibility that is will go open source?

It's an idea that has been discussed, but it's not a simple thing. It may happen.

Retired 12/31/2016

I would like to see the Array Visualizer included in the Intel Visual Fortran Compilers in the future. This is / was a really useful tool. Thanks.
Kind regards

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