Height plot

Height plot

Is there a property that can be set to prevent NULL (i.e. zero) values from
being plotted on a 3d height plot?

I have a data set that ranges from ~ -0.005 - 0.005 this data set contains
lots of zero values that I don't want plotted (or set to the background color)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi, welcome to the AV forum!

There's not a property per se, but you can set up the palette so that 0 values map to a transparent color. Is this something that you want to do in the Array Viewer user interface, or are you looking to create the plot programmatically?

Can you post a sample data file? I'll try out making the 0 values transparent.


Thanks John,

I want to do it programmatically, I have attached a sample file per your request. It is a binary file with the following format

long (number of columns)
long (number of rows)
array of doubles (size = rows * columns)

NOTE: I had to change the extension from .bin to .txt to send it as an

Best regards,

OK, thanks.

Is Fortran the programming language you would like to see be used?

Also, I was wondering if the particular binary file format you describe is something your group uses a lot or not. I've been meaning to write a sample Fortran plug-in module (see http://softwareforums.intel.com/ids/board/message?board.id=Visualizer&message.id=356) and your data format shouldn't be too hard to code up. If there is anyhing else I need to know about the format, please fill me in.



I am using visual c++ not fortran. I will probably write the plug-in for the array viewer when the file format has been finalized. I looked at the documentation and it seems very straight forward. I look forward to the plot without zeros and on another note is it possible to not plot them at all to speed up the plot routine. My final data set will be roughly 1500 x 1500 elements.



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