Possible installation problem?

Possible installation problem?

I've just started evaluating Intel Fortran 9.0 and Array Visualizer for a possible migration from CVF, and AV looks rather strange in that no icons are visible in the View pane. Instead, I see only frames with red X's in the middle, as if the icons have been removed by a virus scanner. Also, other icons, like the Magnifier and Rotation tools are not visible.
Has anybody had a similar experience?
My prime use for AV will be in debugging F95 programs, and the first impression is that the handling of the tool is rather complicated for this purpose. So, e.g. I miss the easy-to-use ROI menu item from the CVF AV in order to quickly visualize two or three columns of a larger matrix on the same plot. Instead, I must go through the whole procedure of defining corresponding sections and plots in a graph object, which requires a learning curve.
Any comment on this point?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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With the eval kit there was a problem with XP SP2 not liking the gif files we used for the icons. This is fixed in the current update. If you'd like to try out the viewer with the icons displayig properly, you can uninstall Array Visualizer and install the download kit from: http://www.intel.com/cd/software/products/asmo-na/eng/compilers/226302.htm. This is a more recent version than what's on the IVF eval kit.

Your comment about CAV being more convinent to use is interesting. With CAV the graph and data are always displayed together (data on the top plane, graph on the bottom), so when you modify the data range the graph is updated as well.

In Intel AV the graph and data views aren't connected this way. This is advantageous in some cases (say you want a graph that pulls in data from multiple arrays), but can make thingsharder for some simple uses (like updating the ROI).

Intel AV does have a very flexible way to create customized graphs (or perform any other action)though. In the Viewer you can select File->Macro from menu and run a script from the Macros directory. For example, if you have a 3D array loaded you can run the ImageSlice macro to create a "slice" view of the data where you can adjust the current slice via a slider. Take a look at the sample file: /Data/HDF5/astrojet.h5 to see what the result looks like.

Something similar that takes a 1D slice of a 2D array shouldn't be too hard to come with. I'll look into this and post the macro on the forum when I have it ready.

Are there any other things that you liked about CAV that youwould like to see inIntel AV?


Hello John,

Thank you for the reply. Having installed the updated AV kit as you suggested, the full icons are now back.

I haven't had the time to look into the macros yet, but this is certainly an interesting feature. Re. the CAV features that I might like to have, I'll be getting back to you soon.



I also try to migrate from CVF to IVF. ButI have problems with Intel Array Visualizer 3.2. When I call it form debug sessionitcausecrash of theMicrosoftVisual Studio 2003.

Does the Array Viewer application run OK? Try starting Array Viewer directly from the Start menu, open a file (e.g. HDF5/craterlake.h5) and see if you are able to view graphs normally.


NormallytheIAVruns OK.

Exactly said, I had the same problem with the array visualizer (distributed in the installation package of IVF 9.0) as was described bydobrivoje.ninkovic - missing icons and strange appearance. ThusI have downloadedthe new version and after reinstallation ofthe IAV (remove the old version and installation the new version) these crashes happen. May be there is a problem with integration of my installation of the IAV into MVS but how to correct it I do not know :-(

Are you using the 9.0.025 kit? I tried it out and didn't see any problem with using "View Array" for a real(4) 2D array.


I have 9.0.018 (W_FCP_P_9.0.018.exe) which I have downloaded from your ftp: download.intel.com/software/products/compilers/downloads. Where to obtain 9.0.025?

I have just found it on Intel Premium support. I will try it.


Yes, try out the .025 kit and see if that fixes the problem. If not, contact Premier Support and log an issue.


Thank you for your help. I have reinstalled all what is possible (but still not yet Windows :-)) - Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 .NET Enterprise, Intel Fortran Compiler 9.0.025 and Intel Array Visualizer 3.2.025 but no change :-( Array viewer still crashes when called from debugging session in MSV. I will try to contact Premium support but I am skeptic - I have AMD :-(

Don't worry -- I doubt the problem has anything to do with the processor type.

I'll keep a look out for your support issue and help if I can.


I'm having the exact problem. Same IVF and VS 2003 versions. Has an issued been reported on this yet? What's worse is it erases all customized VS 2003 toolbar settings after the crash.


Lou Muccioli


I don't think this issue has been reported yet.

Lou, could you go ahead and contact support about this problem?


Hello John,

Attached please find my comments to Intel AV, which I promised in my recent reply.

Thanks & regards,


Hello John,

I am back to my problem after some time out of work. I am going to postthe issue to the Intel Premium support.



Hi John,
I have solved the problem. I have updated video driver for my NVIDIA GeoForce FX5700 graphic adapter to the latest version and the problem does not appear any more! It is interesting that the Array viewer (stand alone) worked fine but version called from the debug session crashed.

OK, glad to hear you have the problem fixed!

I'm a little surprised your old Nvidia drivers didn't work -- I had always thought Nvidiacreated fairly reliable OpenGL drivers.

I think I know why you weren't seeing the poblem in the Viewer: In Array Viewer, 2D graphs are displayed using the AvGraphSB ActiveX control, while 3D graphs are displayed using the AvGraphCtl ActiveX control. TheAV toolwindow in the IDE always uses AvGraphCtl for both 2D and 3D graphs.
The reason why this matters is thatAvGraphSB doesn't use hardware acceleration, whileAvGraphCtldoes use hardware acceleration (if available). WIth hardware acceleration flaky drivers can cause the control not to display properly or even crash the app hosting the control (which in your case would be Visual Studio).
So for future reference, you can try opening one of the 3D graphs in Array Viewer to verify that there are no problems with the drivers.


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