Plotting scale in height plot

Plotting scale in height plot

I am plotting an 2D array using height plot and i cant find a way to see the scale of my data. I am using Intel aray Vis.
Thank you in advance

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Scales for 3D graphs aren't currently supported. We're workingto fix this for the9.1 release.


Will this fix be in place in the latest (last?) available version?

Also, can I add my surprise and dismay to the list of other contributors who have lamented the end of development of the array visualizer. It was an excellent and easy to use data visualization tool.


You can scale by color (height indexes color table)


You can insert data values that in effect places a marker into the graph (out of the way of interesting data).


A graph can contain multiple plots. One of which can be a metering device of your choosing (e.g. a line with tick marks).

Jim Dempsey

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