Both AV_HEIGHTPLOT and AV_XYZPLOT in the same graph?

Both AV_HEIGHTPLOT and AV_XYZPLOT in the same graph?


I am trying to put into an AvGraph3D two plots: one is AV_HEIGHTPLOT and the other one is AV_XYZPLOT. I wonderif there isanything inherently illegal (i.e. not supported) about this arrangement?

I have modified the VB6 XYZPlot by adding two plots: anAV_XYZPLOT and anAV_HEIGHTPLOT(and hiding the two plots that were originally in the sample).The AV_XYZPLOT has "markers" (i.e symbols) at the Z-Source values of the line. Both plots do appear in the graph.However, it becomes apparent that, as the graph is "manually" rotated, the plots are not drawn correctly. Essentially, at certain orientations of the graph, some symbols (markers) of the AV_XYZPLOT plotappear to be abovethe surface of the AV_HEIGHTPLOT, while at other orientations they appear to be below. This is most noticeable when the AV_XYZPLOTplot has both line and symbols (markers) as it can be seen that the line of the AV_XYZPLOTdoes seem to cross the surface of the AV_HEIGHTPLOTatpretty much the same location, while the symbols do not (i.e. they do not always follow the line even though thesymbols and the lineuse the same source data values).



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Hi Marko,

Welcome to the AV forum!

Yes, you should be able to have multiple plots in a Graph3D. Depending on what you are displaying the plots may interfere with each other though (e.g. one plot may hide another).

Would it be posible for youto post your project to the forum? I'll take a look at it. (I've been getting a lot of practice with VB6 lately.)

Hi Jlready,

I have zipped up the project. Please, read first the readme.txt as it contains some additional information.

Thanks you in advance.


I ran the project and can see the problem you described. I'll need to do some investigation to determine what's going wrong with the marker render. I'll update this thread when I find out more.

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