Submit your favorite file format!

Submit your favorite file format!

As you might know, AV includes support for a variety of file formats: HDF4, HDF5, netCDF, JPEG, etc. But if the format you use for your scientific/engineering data is not currently supported, now is your chance have it included with AV.

What I need is the following:
1. A short description of the format
2. C or Fortran code that reads data from a file in the format
3. Some sample data files

The format can be binary or ASCII. It can span multiple files, but there must be some way of determining the auxiliary files from a "master" file. E.g. the master file could list the file names of the auxiliary files. It's helpful if the format includes a key word or bit string that can used to distinguish files in that format. Failing that, a relatively unique file extension will do.

I can't promise that any format you submit will be included with a future release of AV, but it will be given serious consideration.

Note:Actually it's possible for anyone to add support for non-native file formats in AV. There's currently a project wizard for a C++ AV file loader, and a Fortran-based file loader wizard is planned for the next release. But it will be helpful for users to seemore examples of howAV file loaders work.

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