set up kit

set up kit

Why is it so important that this kit is not installed if visual fortran is already installed?

How can I be sure that people who want to use an application I develop incorporating the visualizer do not already have ivf on their machines?

If I create an application set up that includes the kit and automatically installs it, what will happen if I then try to test the set up on my pc with ivf on it?



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The download kit is just a subset of the AV included with IVF, so there's no benefit with installing the kit if IVF is already installed, and there's the possibility of some less than desirable results. Actually, if you already have IVF installed, I think the download kit setup will abort, but it's best not to take chances!

I'd recommend that you just provide a link to the download kit with your application and tell people to install it if they don't have IVF installed. This is similar to what you see when you install Java applications: If you don't have the Java runtime already installed, you are instructed to go to a Java runtime provider and download and install the runtime.

If you are going to actually do the setup yourself and include the AV redistributables with your application, then your setup is responsible for checking that AV components are not already installed. Failure to do so can result in situations where your setup overwrites newer AV dlls with older versions. This is the so called"DLL Hell" problem that causes so much trouble for Windows users.

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